2511, 2021

We’re back!

The new edition of Noir in Festival is finally taking place in person, after the online 2020 edition. It features seven films in competition, the Manetti Bros.’ Diabolik as the closing film, the Caligari Prize, the Conversations and their presentations of the latest book releases, the Raymond Chandler Award, and other events and dialogues, all tinged with noir. […]

1403, 2021

Thinking hard about oneself

In her Sin muertos, Alicia Giménez-Bartlett has told the story of her best-known character. It’s a way to reaffirm the need to reflect on one’s own actions.. […]

1712, 2021

The polar, a multi-form genre

In a discussion moderated by Sebastiano Triulzi, Hervé Le Corre, Jérôme Loubry, Franck Thilliez, and Jean-Paul Vormus tackled French genre fiction and French fiction tout court. […]

1403, 2021

The perfect horror film? Ironic

Brian Yuzna, winner of the 2020 Luca Svizzeretto Prize, picked up the gauntlet thrown down by Roberto Silvestri and Giorgio Gosetti and held nothing back, musing over his love of genre films, his start as a self-taught director, his commercial work, the 1980s, special effects, and more. […]

1612, 2021

The Black Panther goes to Drunken Birds

  The Canadian film Les oiseaux ivres – Drunken Birds, by Ivan Grbovic, takes home the award for Best Film, while a Special Mention goes to De uskyldige – The Innocents by Eskil Vogt. La terra dei figli – The Land of the Sons, by Claudio Cupellini, garners the Claudio Caligari Prize. […]

2110, 2022

The 32nd Noir in Festival pays homage to Tarantino with a poster by Paolo Bacilieri

Noir in Festival unfolds in Milan from December 3rd to the 8th, 2022, with a packed program of cinematic and literary delights that pays tribute to Quentin Tarantino’s genius on the 30th anniversary of Reservoir Dogs. It kicks off with an explosive poster for the 32nd edition, designed by world-class Italian cartoonist Paolo Bacilieri. […]

2211, 2022

Quentin Tarantino, Harlan Coben, and the clash of civilizations

Among the 13 films in the Official Selection, several titles are sure to stir intense debate. “It may well be that Marlowe and Spade have had their day,” write Marina Fabbri and Giorgio Gosetti, “and perhaps even James Bond has to surrender to age and technology. But they could always make a comeback, as is often the case with imaginary heroes that light the way to the future.” […]

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