A Special Mention goes to “Parmi nous.” “Last Night of Amore” lands the Caligari Prize. Tony Sparandeo receives the festival’s Luca Svizzeretto Award

The jury for the 2023 Noir in Festival’s international competition, made up of Spanish filmmaker Jaume Balagueró (president); the founder and co-director of the London FrightFest, Paul McEvoy; and the founder and lead vocalist of the band La Rappresentante di Lista, Veronica Lucchesti, have unanimously conferred two awards on the following films:
The 2023 Black Panther Award winner
Femme by Sam H. Freeman and Ng Choon Ping
The jury has released the following statement:
“The jury decided to award the Black Panther prize for the best film at the Noir in Festival to the film Femme by Sam H. Freeman and Ng Choon Ping, an outstanding contemporary and vitally important film that explores relevant topics such as gender and toxic relations; and we must also single out the extraordinary performance of the main actor, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett. The film displays an intense, nerve-wracking and masterful storytelling.”

Jury Special Mention winner
Parmi Nous (Animalia) by Sofia Alaoui
The jury has released the following statement:
“The Noir in Festival jury would like to bestow a special mention on Animalia, an outstanding achievement in emotional and philosophical science fiction from a wonderful new talent, Sofia Aloui.”

The people’s jury composed of seventy members, both IULM students and film aficionados, and co-chaired by filmmaker Brando De Sica (president), journalist and film festival director Maurizio Di Rienzo, and journalist Nicole Bianchi, has awarded the Claudio Caligari Prize for the best Italian film noir of the year, by a majority vote, to
Last Night of Amore by Andrea Di Stefano.

Noir in Festival has decided to bestow the Luca Svizzeretto – Independent Spirit Award, named after a journalist, a friend, and a Noir in Festival collaborator who died in 2016, on: Tony Sperandeo.
The actor, who had a starring role in The Garbage Man by Alfonso Bergamo, declared: “After over a hundred films and myriad episodes of TV series, receiving an award is, first of all, the proof that I am out here and that audiences realize that I throw my whole self into every role I play. I’ve been both the ‘good guy’ and the ‘bad guy’, but it’s the bad guy people remember. Which I’m happy about since it’s a harder role: every time you have to give that kind of character a soul and a reason for the audience to remember him.”