by Andrea Di Stefano
Italy, 2023, 120', color
05 December 20:00 - IULM 6, Sala dei 146

“Love” in word and deed: that’s what they say about Franco Amore. He himself has always said he has tried to be a honest person, a cop who, in his whole 35-year-long career, has never fired a shot at anyone. These are the very words from the speech Amore plans to give on the eve of his retirement from the force. But his last night on the beat will prove to be far rougher than anything he ever imagined. It’s going to endanger everything he holds dear: his job as a police officer, his love for his wife Viviana, his friendship with fellow cop Dino, and his very life. Everything gets caught up in a headlong rush to disaster in Milan, on a night that seems to have no dawn in sight.

Andrea Di Stefano
Guido Michelotti
Giogiò Franchini

Santi Pulvirenti
production design
Carmine Guarino
Olivia Bellini

Pierfrancesco Favino
Linda Caridi
Antonio Gerardi
Francesco Di Leva
Martin Francisco Montero Baez
Fifi Wang
Pang Bo
Shi Yang Shi
Xu Ruichi
Wen Mao
Camilla Semino Favro

Francesco Melzi D’Eril
Gabriele Moratti
Marco Colombo
Marco Cohen
Benedetto Habib
Fabrizio Donvito
Daniel Campos Pavoncelli

Indiana Production
Memo Films
Adler Entertainment
Vision Distribution
in collaboration with

“I always conceived of this film as a picture from an earlier age, in terms of both the production and the narrative, with the ultimate aim of framing the story of the main character as a religious parable. A sort of warning for everybody who believes they can betray their own nature chasing the mirage of a better life. Moral shortcuts are not for everyone. Some can pull it off, but people like Franco Amore are just not cut out for such reckless fixes.” (Andrea Di Stefano)

Andrea Di Stefano is a Roman-born actor turned director. In the 1990s, he studied acting at the Actors Studio and landed a few roles in independent films in the U.S. In 1997, he obtained his first lead role in The Prince of Homburg (1997) by Marco Bellocchio. He went on to rack up acting credits in The Phantom of the Opera (1998) by Dario Argento, Almost Blue (2000) by Alex Infascelli, Before Night Falls (2000) by Julian Schnabel, Angela (2002) by Roberta Torre, Il vestito da sposa (2003) by Fiorella Infascelli, Sacred Heart (2005) by Ferzan Özpetek, and Contronatura (2005) by Alessandro Tofanelli. Following other acting turns in film and television, Di Stefano made his directorial debut in 2014, with Escobar, which premiered at Toronto. Five years later, he directed The Informer. Last Night of Amore was selected by the Berlin Film Festival.

2023 L’ultima notte di Amore
2019 The Informer
2014 Escobar