by Sofia Alaoui
France, Morocco, Qatar, 2023, 90', color
01 December 18:30 - Cineteca Milano Arlecchino

Itto, a young woman from a modest rural background, is slowly adapting to the Moroccan privileged codes of her husband’s family. But when supernatural events put the country in a state of emergency, Itto finds herself separated from her husband and new family. Alone, pregnant and looking for her way back, she finds emancipation.

Sofia Alaoui
Noé Bach
Héloïse Pelloquet

Amine Bouhafa
production design
Hafid Amly
Lydie Collin

Oumaima Barid
Mehdi Dehbi
Fouad Oughaou

Margaux Lorier
Toufik Ayadi
Christophe Barral
Dounia Benjelloun Mezian
Sofia Alaoui

Wrong Films
Srab Films
Dounia Production
Jiango Films
Arte France Cinéma
world sales
Totem Films

“This film is about both the end of the world and the birth of a new one, about the end of Itto and the birth of a new Itto, one who is more connected to her environment. In the film, the birth of her child signifies hope for rebuilding our societies, through education, through different modes of thinking than those we have today. Because there is a great deal of criticism of our ways of life, but what is the solution? Future generations represent an opportunity for change. This is also why the ‘Aliens’ who are embodied in several characters during the film seem to be protecting Itto: because her pregnancy is a sign of hope.” (Sofia Alaoui)

Born in Casablanca to a Moroccan father and a French mother, Sofia Alaoui grew up between Morocco and China. After graduating high school in Casablanca, she moved to Paris to study cinema. In 2017, she returned to Morocco to develop her own production company, Jiango Films. She has directed both documentary and fiction shorts that have been selected at many festivals. Her last film, So What If the Goats Die was shot in the Atlas Mountains, featuring non-professional actors and dialogue exclusively in Tamazight. It won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival in 2020, and the César for best short fiction film in 2021. Animalia is her first feature film.

2023 Parmi nous
2020 Qu’importe si les bêtes meurent (short)
2018 Ghost Mode (short)
2015 Children of Nablus (doc)