by Sydney Sibilia
Italy, 2023, 110', color
03 December 17:30 - IULM 6, Sala dei 146

A story of making dreams come true that starts in a basement in Naples and becomes an incredible international adventure. In the magical city on the bay in the 1980s, where Maradona is a god, Enrico “Erry” Frattasio turns the mixtapes he makes for his friends into an empire, with the help of his brothers Peppe and Angelo: an extraordinary feat that will change their lives for good, reinvent the concept of piracy in Italy, and bring music into all of our lives.

Armando Festa
Sydney Sibilia
based on the novel by
Simona Frasca
Valerio Azzali
Gianni Vezzosi

Michele Braga
production design
Tonino Zera
Valentina Taviani
Stefano Leoni

Luigi D’oriano
Giuseppe Arena
Emanuele Palumbo
Francesco Di Leva
Cristiana Dell’anna
Adriano Pantaleo
Chiara Celotto
Greta Esposito
Fabrizio Gifuni

Matteo Rovere
Sydney Sibilia
with Rai Cinema

in collaboration with
with the support of
Regione Campania
Fondazione Film Commission Campania

“When I was a kid, in my neighborhood in Salerno there wasn’t a single record store. The only way to buy music was to go to Peppe, who sold “Mixed By Erry” cassettes at his stand on the street, for five thousand liras. […] After that, the world changed. I went to high school, CDs came out, then Napster, Mp3s, Walkman – all replaced by the iPod; I moved to Rome to become a film director and listened to music that was streamed. […] One day, while reminiscing about this with my screenwriter friend Armando Festa, we decided to investigate further and go meet the great DJ Erry. […] What we found out was that there was an amazing story behind those cassettes, an epic yet very personal tale that touched on all the main historical events in one extraordinary decade for the city of Naples.” (Sydney Sibilia)

Sydney Sibilia is a producer, director, and screenwriter born in Salerno. He got his start making numerous short films, including the multi-award-winning Oggi gira così (2010). In 2014, he and Matteo Rovere co-founded the production company Groenlandia, and that year Sibilia directed his first feature, Smetto quando voglio. It made the rounds of the international festivals (such as BFI – London Film Festival e il RIFF – Reykjavík International Film Festival), acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, and won several awards. Three years later, two sequels followed, Smetto quando voglio – Masterclass and Smetto quando voglio – Ad honorem. Sibilia was also doing ad campaigns for brands like Wind and Fiat at the same time. His next film, in 2020, was L’incredibile storia dell’Isola delle Rose, the first Netflix Original in Europe.

2023 Mixed by Erry
2020 L’incredibile storia dell’Isola delle Rose
2017 Smetto quando voglio – Ad honorem
2017 Smetto quando voglio – Masterclass
2017 Io sì, tu no (short)

2014 Smetto quando voglio
2010 Niente orchidee (short)
2010 Oggi gira così (short)
2007 Noemi (short)

2005 Iris Blu (short)
2005 Cachaça (short)
2004 Marzo (short)
1998 L’ombra della chiave inglese (short)