by Ivano De Matteo
Italy, 2023, 108', color
02 December 20:00 - IULM 6, Sala dei 146

The story of an ordinary, happy family shattered by a manipulative young man who takes over the life of a wonderful fifteen-year-old girl and turns it into a nightmare. When the girl, helped by her father, manages to break away and go back to her old life, her boyfriend decides to destroy her. Her father’s only option now is revenge.

Ivano De Matteo
Valentina Ferlan
Giuseppe Maio
Giuliana Sarli
Ivano De Matteo

production design
Sonia Peng
Olivia Bellini

Greta Gasbarri
Edoardo Leo
Milena Mancini
Riccardo Mandolini
Alessia Manicastri
Giorgia Faraoni
Giorgio Montanini
Melinda De Matteo
Vinicio Marchioni

Lotus Production
with Rai Cinema

“I have a fifteen-year-old daughter, which is the first reason I wanted to turn the script for Mia into a film. Next, I’m a man. This is the second reason. It hurt to read it, and it hurts every time I do. I was dealing with a story in which, being a man, I could be either the positive figure (the father) or the negative figure (the boyfriend); I could perceive both perfectly. The heroic side and the dark side. All too often, teenage girls get depressed and lose the will to live. They lose weight, keep to themselves, hurt all the time – and the fact that all this happens in the silence of their own rooms, without bothering others, makes them invisible. With this film I want to hug them and live alongside my characters.” (Ivano De Matteo, Coming Soon)

Ivano De Matteo got his start in 1990, with a diploma from the theater workshop Il Mulino di Fiora, directed by Perla Peragallo. An actor, director and documentarian, he founded the theater troupe Il Cantiere with Valentina Ferlan (author and screenwriter) in 1993. In 1995, he founded the small production company Utopia Film. After making his first short film, Grazietante (1997), he directed the documentary Prigionieri di una fede (Special Mention at the Torino Film Festival). In 2002 he made his first narrative feature, Ultimo Stadio. His 2008 film La bella gente won the Grand Prix and the CICAE Award at the Annecy Film Festival. In 2012, his film Gli equilibristi premiered at the Venice Film Festival. De Matteo was back in Venice in 2014 and in 2021, at Giornate degli Autori, with I nostri ragazzi and the short film Trastwest respectively.

2023 Mia
2021 Trastwest (short)
2020 Villetta con ospiti
2016 La vita possibile

2014 I nostri ragazzi
2012 Gli equilibristi
2009 La bella gente
2004 Codice a sbarre (doc)

2002 Ultimo stadio
2000 Barricata San Calisto (doc)
1999 Prigionieri di una fede (doc)