05 December 15:00 - IULM 6, Sala dei 146
Presented by Francesco Cappellotto

A young, struggling poet at a tiny stand at a small presses’ book fair. He tries and fails to attract the attention of the rare passerby, but no one shows a shred of interest in his latest collection of verse. Out of the blue, two men in suits cross the hall making a beeline for – him. They start to leaf through his book, nodding emphatically, and then hand him a business card. He’s just the kind of guy they’re looking for. He has an interview the next day at a famous company. Our poet has hitched a ride on a lucky star and the sky’s the limit: even the head of the big company takes a liking to him, to the admiration and envy of his co-workers. The poet soon acquires a moniker, one that will prove to be very dangerous: “The chosen one”.

The duo consisting of Fulvio Risuleo, one of the most promising film directors and screenwriters of the rising generation, and Antonio Pronostico, internationally renowned cartoonist and illustrator, is back with a new highly original effort, after Sniff and Tango.