di Fabio Resinaro
Italy, 2022, 93', color

Milan in the late 1970s. Pierluigi Torregiani, a jeweler and a self-made man, endures a robbery attempt during which a young thief is killed. It wasn’t Torregiani who pulled the trigger, yet he is accused of being a ‘bourgeois vigilante”. The tense political climate of the times makes him the perfect target of a terrorist organization, PAC, headed by Cesare Battisti. PAC decide to punish him for his alleged crime. Torregiani and his family receive death threats so credible that they are placed under police protection. But the threats keep coming, so pervasive that they affect the man’s work and his relationships with his family members, until they reach the breaking point.

Fabio Resinaro
Carlo Mazzotta
Mauro Caporiccio
from the book with the same name
by Alberto Dabrazzi Torregiani and Stefano Rabozzi
Paolo Bellan
Luciana Pandolfelli

Andrea Bonini
production design
Pasquale Tricoci
Enrica Barbano

Francesco Montanari (Pierluigi Torregiani)
Laura Chiatti (Elena)
Gianluca Gobbi
(Salvo Lo Russo)
Pier Giorgio Bellocchio (detective Giardino)
Stefano Fregni
(bank manager)
Luca Guastini (Albertini)
Juju Di Domenico (Marisa)
Gualtiero Burzi (doctor)

Luca Barbareschi
Èliseo Entertainment
with Rai Cinema

Fabio Resinaro joined forces with Fabio Guaglione, a high school friend, to form a prolific artistic duo that turned out its first short film, Ti chiamo io, in 2001. In 2004, they directed a second short, science fiction this time, E:d:e:n, which won numerous awards, mostly abroad. Two medium-length films, The Silver Rope (2006) and Afterville (2008), were also well-received. In the following years, the two filmmakers alternated producing or writing films with directing a variety of music videos and promos. In 2016, Resinaro and Guaglione directed their first feature film, Mine. The film earned two nominations at the David di Donatello awards and the Silver Ribbons; above all, it did very well at the box office. Two years later, the duo produced Ride by Jacopo Rondinelli, nominated for the 2018 Caligari Prize. Since 2019, Resinaro has directed three more features: Dolceroma, Appunti di un venditore di donne, and Ero in guerra ma non lo sapevo.

2022 Ero in guerra ma non lo sapevo
2021 Appunti di un venditore di donne
2019 Dolceroma

2016 Mine (directed with Fabio Guaglione)
2008 Afterville (short, directed with Fabio Guaglione)
2006 The Silver Rope
(short, directed with Fabio Guaglione)

2004 E:d:e:n (short, directed with Fabio Guaglione)
2001 Ti chiamo io (short, directed with Fabio Guaglione)