by Davide Gentile
Italy, 2023, 104, color
03 December 20:00 - IULM 6, Sala dei 146

This is the story of Walter and the most unbelievable summer in his whole life. School’s over, and the thirteen-year-old has just lost his father. He takes to wandering seemingly aimlessly along the Roman coast, where he comes upon a mysterious place that fascinates him: an abandoned summer home with a huge, murky swimming pool. But it’s not as abandoned as it looks, and an unforgettable adventure begins.

Valerio Cilio
Gianluca Leoncini
Ivan Casalgrandi
Tommaso Gallone

production design
Luigi Marchione
Sara Costantini
Michele Braga
Gabriele Mainetti

Tiziano Menichelli
Virginia Raffaele
Stefano Rosci
Matteo Scattaretico
Edoardo Pesce
Claudio Santamaria

Claudio, Federico e Jacopo Saraceni
Gabriele Mainetti
Mattia Guerra
Stefano Massenzi
Andrea Occhipinti

Goon Films
Lucky Red
with Rai Cinema
in collaboration with
Prime Video

“A hard-edged fairy tale packed with drama and occasional violence, it is also an adventurous, daring, dreamlike and entertaining story, as befits the transition from a childhood that ends with a family trauma to the first bold stirrings of adolescence. We follow Walter over a summer unlike all the others, transformed by a magical, enigmatic encounter. We see Walter’s outer world and daily life and glimpses of his past, then we enter that inner place where his identity is forming: a place where a father figure – a father he loved but never respected – is called upon to “die” once more, in order for Walter to discover his true – and new – self.” (Davide Gentile)

Davide Gentile is an Italian filmmaker and producer. He has made commercials for national and international brands such as Vodafone, FIAT, Carrefour, Sky, Decathlon, Gillette, and Durex. In 2016, he made the short film Food For Thought, winner of several international awards. In 2017, he directed another short, Omar. Denti da squalo is his first feature film.

2023 Denti da squalo
2017 Omar (short)
2016 Food For Thought (short)
2015 Music Is My Language (short)