The 2023 Awards Ceremony

Eight films in the running for the Black Panther. The verdict is up to Jaume Balagueró, Veronica Lucchesi, and Paul McEvoy. Six Italian films are vying for the Caligari Prize, the winner chosen by Brando De Sica, Nicole Bianchi, and Maurizio Di Rienzo

The 2023 Awards Ceremony2023-11-30T19:29:28+01:00

Daniel Pennac signs copies of Terminus Malaussène

The French author, 2023 Raymond Chandler Award winner, signs copies of his latest novel, the last installment in the celebrated Malaussène series

Daniel Pennac signs copies of Terminus Malaussène2023-11-30T19:16:50+01:00

A conversation with Daniel Pennac

The latest winner of the Raymond Chandler Award sits down with Stefano Bartezzaghi and Noir audiences at IULM

A conversation with Daniel Pennac2023-11-30T19:17:30+01:00

Lo stato delle anime

The new film project by Peter Marcias, based on the novel by Giorgio Todde

Lo stato delle anime2023-11-30T19:27:29+01:00