The latest winner of the Raymond Chandler Award sits down with Stefano Bartezzaghi and Noir audiences at IULM

Daniel Pennac, winner of the 2023 Raymond Chandler Award and author of the popular Malaussène series, Pennac will clearly be the star of Noir’s opening day on December 1, when the French author will make fours stops in Milan to meet audiences: at 3:30 pm, in the Auditorium at IULM 6; at 5:30 pm, at the Institut français Milano, to introduce the screening of The Scapegoat directed by Nicolas Bary; at 6:15 pm at the Feltrinelli Duomo, to sign copies of Terminus Malaussène, and lastly, at 7 pm, at the Casa Manzoni, to receive the Raymond Chandler Award.