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The power of imagination

4 December 2023|

Daniel Pennac, winner of the 2023 Raymond Chandler Award, took the IULM stage for a chat with students and teachers, warning them against moralizing

The film juries and all the guests of the 2023 Noir in Festival

28 November 2023|

Jaume Balagueró, Veronica Lucchesi, and Paul McEvoy will be choosing the best film on the international lineup. It falls to Brando De Sica, Nicole Bianchi, and Maurizio Di Rienzo to pick the winner of the Caligari Prize. Guests galore at an event sporting films, books, and music, from Manzoni’s day to rap and the graphic novel

Six days of Noir in Milan

21 November 2023|

From December 1st to the 7th, films, books, and forays into the world of music, all in the name of the most popular and representative genre of the 20th century

Elusive Milan

16 November 2023|

A cloak of night for the 33rd Noir in Festival poster by Manuele Fior