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Festa di piazza
by Gian Mauro Costa
  Working occasional odd jobs, Enzo Baiamonte, the atypical detective of Libro di legno, is hired to take care of the lights for the procession of the Madonna Addolorata in his Palermo neighborhood. As usual, his overactive imagination makes him ...
Il male quotidiano
by Massimo Gardella
A brutal murder sparks an investigation by Inspector Remo Jacobi, a 50-something divorcee with no children who lives with his elderly Romanian father in a rural town. Nowadays, his police resume is full of cases he has deliberately chosen to shelve. ...
Il metodo del coccodrillo
by Maurizio de Giovanni
When the bodies of three young boys are found, the only clue is a tissue soaked with tears. The newspapers nickname the killer “The Crocodile.” Impressed by his powers of observation, young substitute prosecutor Laura Piras decides to give the case ...
L'uomo nero
by Luca Poldelmengo
Gabriele has never gotten a free ride, and has had to work extremely hard in his rise from a humble waiter to owner of a chain of luxury hotels. He will do anything to make it to the top, even commit a horrendous crime. Filippo has only his family, ...
Respiro corto
by Massimo Carlotto
The Mafia has changed. It no longer looks like the movies of Francis Ford Coppola, or the world of the Russian tycoons. Today’s mafiosos study at prestigious universities, come from all four corners of the world, and settle everywhere. Lacking all ...
Raymond Chandler
Award 2012
goes to Don Winslow
He was born on Halloween, he lives in San Diego, he loves Africa , which he criss-crossed also as a safari guide, and America, of which he has ...
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