Intervista alla sposa

by Silvio Danese
La nave di Teseo

With remarkable compassion and restraint, in a splendid, syncopated prose, journalist Silvio Danese reconstructs a tale or ordinary domestic violence, but with a surprise ending, and above all meticulously probes the cultural roots of male and female identity. He looks in the mirror and delves deep into the violence that every family contains.

Silvio Danese was born in Pavia and lives and works in Milan. A journalist and film critic, he has worn many hats: orchestra musician, actor, teacher, and consultant for the Biennale on the Venice Film Festival. His books include: Abel Ferrara, l’anarchico e il cattolico (Le Mani, 1998); Anni fuggenti, il romanzo del cinema italiano (Bompiani, 2003); and the novel Il suono della neve (2009).