by Patrick Fogli
Baldini + Castoldi

Irene Fontana is an investigative journalist who’s been relegated to the sidelines for stubbornly rooting out corruption scandals and defending people’s rights. She heads to her family’s house in the Apennines to regroup, but nature, too, can be cruel, as Irene learns on the death of a young man named Filippo, who seems to have thrown himself off a height called the Pietra di Bismantova one summer night. Filippo’s mother doesn’t believe he committed suicide, and it’s Irene she asks to investigate.

Patrick Fogli (Bologna, 1971), an electronics engineer, is the author of Lentamente prima di morire (2006, Scerbanenco Award finalist) - whose main character, Gabriele Riccardi, reappears in La puntualità del destino (2012) - as well as L’ultima estate di innocenza (2007); Il tempo infranto (2008), about the 1980 bombing of the Bologna train station; and Non voglio il silenzio (2011), co-written with Ferruccio Pinotti, about the assassination of Paolo Borsellino and the negotations between the Italian government and the Mafia. He co-wrote the screenplay for Neve, which competed at Noir in Festival in 2013, with its director Stefano Incerti, and in the two years that followed published Dovrei essere fumo and Io sono alfa.

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