by Jacopo Rondinelli
Italy, 2018, 102’, color, DCP

Fabio Guaglione
Fabio Resinaro
Marco Sani
Paolo Bellan
Filippo Mauro Boni

Fabio Guaglione
Andrea Bonini
Massimiliano Margaglio
production design
Fabrizio D’Arpino
Veronica Lopez

Ludovic Hughes [Kyle]
Lorenzo Richelmy [Max]
Simone Labarga [Clara]
Nathalie Rapti Gomez [Cristine]
Matt Rippy [Henri Owl]

Andrea Occhipinti

Fabio Guaglione

Fabio Resinaro

Guia Invernizzi Cuminetti
Stefano Parasiliti
associated producers
Stefano Massenzi
Mattia Guerra
executive producer
Tommaso Arrighi
Lucky Red
with TIM Vision
in collaboration with
Trentino Film Commission
in association with

world sales
True Colours

Max and Kyle are two acrobatic riders. When they are invited to take part in a mysterious downhill race with a $250,000 prize purse, they don’t think twice, only to learn, when it’s too late, that they’ll have to push themselves beyond the limits of their own physical and psychological endurance. They’ll be facing an extreme race for their very survival.

"The script for Ride was written with the idea of blending different narrative approaches. The basic concept was to exploit the typical medium of so-called found footage, in which there’s no outside narrator shaping the story: the entire narrative unfolds by means of films made by the characters themselves. We were eager to show the variety of images that come out of sports footage, usually made by the athletes themselves using action cams, but placing these images inside a solid narrative structure for the genre. [] The risk we took was that of manipulating the plot so that the characters could visually tell the story that we needed. However, we managed to create a narrative framework that would justify this device. We chose to tell the story of two young athletes practicing extreme sports, two characters who fully represent the way today’s generation uses social media, sharing their lives and their athletic feats on practically a live feed. So it’s altogether believable that when the two lead characters get involved in the life-threatening race organized by a mysterious organization, they film every instant of the contest."

Jacopo Rondinelli started in the ’90s, working as sfx artist and set designer for advertising, television and cinema, collaborating with directors as Gabriele Salvatores and Lina Wertmuller. In 2003 he founded a music collective called Jetlag, published by Sony Music, toghether with some italian and international musicians as Max Gazzè, Giorgia, Amanda Lear, Martina Topley Bird, Bluvertigo, and many more artists. In that period he produced and directed more than 50 music videos for many italian and international artists as Eros Ramazzotti, The Bloody Beetroots, Tiziano Ferro, Subsonica, Caparezza, Max Gazzè, Salmo, employing various tecniques and winning different awards in the main italian festivals. In the last years he also directed and produced commercials, promos and event clips for different brands: Red Bull, MTV, Sector, Tissot, Renault, Gatorade, Freddy, Vodafone, Meybelline New York, Comedy Central. Recently he has been involved in documentary projects around the world for tv broadcasts as MTV and Sky Arte HD. In 2018 he directed Ride, his first feature film.

2018 Ride

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presented by the director Jacopo Rondinelli
to Sergio Stivaletti