by Joe Dante
United States, 1978, 95’, color

John Sayles
Jamie Anderson
Joe Dante
Mark Goldblatt
Pino Donaggio
production design
Bill Mellin
Kerry Mellin

Bradford Dillman [Paul Grogan]
Heather Menzies-Urich [Maggie McKeown]
Kevin McCarthy [Dr. Robert Hoak]
Keenan Wynn [Jack]
Dick Miller [Buck Gardner]
Barbara Steele [Dr. Mengers]
Belinda Balaski [Betsy]
Melody Thomas Scott [Laura Dickinson]

Jon Davison
Piranha Productions
New World Pictures

While searching for missing teenagers, novice skip tracer Maggie McKeown and local town boozer Paul Grogan stumble upon a top-secret Army laboratory conducting genetic research on piranha fish for the purpose of developing biological warfare. When the deadly eating machines are accidently released from the compound, they are soon headed downstream and consuming everything, and anything, in their path. 

Joe Dante (1947, Morriston, New Jersey) studied at the Philadelphia College of Art. He started in the film industry as a cutter of trailers for Roger Corman's New World Pictures. His co-directing début was a parody on Corman's film style, shot in ten days. The film, cartoon and television fanatic Dante is regarded as one of the most important innovators in the fantasy and horror genre in the 1980s.

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