by Ning Ying
China, 2013, 113’, color, DCP

Ning Dai
Sean O’Dea
Jia Cuiping
Liu Sijun
He Wei
production design
Wei Tao

Wang Jingchun [Hao Wanzhong]
Chen Weihan [Hao’s Wife]
Sun Liang [Journalist]
Hou Yansong [Hao Wanqing] 
Bai Bo [Qiang Zi]
Zhang Jie [Li Dongfang]
Yuan Lijian [Da Ming]
Gao Siyu [Hao’s Son]

Inner Mongolia Blue Hometown Film
associated producer
Ning Ying
associated production
Beijing Happy Village Ltd.

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Inner Mongolia Blue Hometown Film

In the booming Inner Mongolian city of Ordos, Hao Wanzhong quits his job to join the police force. His single-minded dedication, bordering on obsession, results in a meteoric rise from beat cop to district police chief. Against a backdrop of majestic winter landscapes, affluent new cities and remote industrial districts, society is changing: peasants are drawn by the lures of the city; migrant workers build towns they won’t inhabit; relationships between men and women, poor and rich, are evolving and social conflicts are brewing.

"This film is inspired by the real story of Hao Wanzhong, whose premature death in 2011 caused a great commotion in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia. I was immediately attracted by his story. The people considered him a hero with a capital "H": a hard-working local police chief who, at 41 years old, died of a heart attack during sports training. That became the starting point of my film: from the fall of a hero to a study of a real man, whose life can reveal untold realities of certain remote regions of China. This has been a common thread of all my films: letting the movie become our visual memory."

Ning Ying is a prominent Chinese director, screenwriter and producer based in Beijing. She graduated from Beijing Film Academy and then from Italy’s National Film School (Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia). While studying in Rome she was hired by Bernardo Bertolucci as assistant director for The Last Emperor. In 2003 she completed a fellowship at Harvard University. In 1990 she directed her first film, the comedy blockbuster Someone Loves Just Me, soon followed by her internationally acclaimed "Beijing Trilogy" (For Fun, 1992; On the Beat, 1995; I Love Beijing, 2000) and received many prestigious international awards, making her a pioneer of Chinese urban cinema. In 2002 her Railroad of Hope won first prize at the Cinema du Reel in Paris. In 2005 Perpetual Motion was presented at Venice International Film Festival. In 2013, her To Live and Die in Ordos was awarded Best Actor at Tokyo International Film Festival, China HuaBiao Award for best picture, best film at China WuGeYi Best Works Award, and best screenwriter at China Filmmaker’s Association Award.

2015 Lang Man Tian Jiang (Romance Out of the Blue)
2013 Jing Cha Ri Ji (To Live and Die in Ordos
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2005 Perpetual Motion (Wu Qiong Dong)
2003 Jin Cheng Da Gong (Looking For A Job In The City, short, doc)
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2000 Xia Ri Nuan Yang Yang (I Love Beijing
1995 Min Jing Gu Shi (On the Beat)
1992 Zhao Le (For Fun)
1990 You Ren Pian Pian Ai Shang Wo (Someone Loves Just Me)

To Live and Die in Ordos
To Live and Die in Ordos
To Live and Die in Ordos
To Live and Die in Ordos
Ning Ying
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