by Vincent Mariette
France, 2018, 84’, color, DCP

Vincent Mariette
Marie Amachoukeli
George Lechaptois
Mathilde Van de Moortel
Evgueni & Sacha Galperine
production design
Pascal Le Guellec 
Julie Brones

Lily-Rose Depp [Laura]
Laurent Lafitte [Paul]
Alose Sauvage [Anne]
Camille Cottin [inspector Camus]
Baya Kasmi [Christine]
Jonas Bloquet [Vincent]
Yoann Zimmer [Arnaud]
Eugène Marcuse [Yann]
Lucas Moreau [Loc]

Amaury Ovise
Kazak Productions
in association with
Canal + 
Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine Département Dordogne 
Cinémage 12
Cofimage 29

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Summertime. Somewhere in Dordogne (south of France), teenagers are disappearing. The wilders rumors are circulating, some talk about a wandering cat-like animal. Tempers flare and the police is left scrambling. Laura, a young teenager, is trying to solve the mystery. One of her friends has just gone missing.

"Savage is a film about belief. Belief in an illusion, which takes the form of this elusive jaguar. Belief in love as well, for Laura and Paul, the main protagonists of the film. The re-enchantment of the world’ into which the hoax-master initiates his pupil will take on the accoutrements of a revolution of feelings, the realization that for them too, like the jaguar, love exists." [Vincent Mariette]

After studying screenwriting at La Fémis (one of the best international film schools), Vincent Mariette directed three short films: Man’s Best FriendMixed Doubles and The Lizards. In 2014, he released his first feature, Fool Circle, a melancholic comedy about siblings looking for their father. In parallel of his screenwriting activities for film and television, he directed in 2018 his second feature, Savage, a thriller shot in the south of France.

2018 Les fauves (Savage)
2014 Tristesse Club (Fool Circle)
2013 Les Lézards (The Lizards, short)
2011 Double mixte (Mixed Doubles, short)
2010 Le meilleur ami de l’homme (Man’s Best Friend, short)
2009 Cavalier Seul (short)
Savage  Camille De Chenay
Savage  Camille De Chenay
Savage  Camille De Chenay
Savage  Camille De Chenay
Vincent Mariette  Camille De Chenay
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03/12/2018 h 19:00IULM 6 - Auditorium
Italian Premiere