Cat People 1982
by Paul Schrader
United States, 1982, 118’

screenplay Alan Ormsby
cinematography John Bailey
music Giorgio Moroder
editing Bud S. Smith, Ned Humphreys
Jere Huggins, Jacqueline Gambas
production design Ferdinando Scarfiotti
costumes Daniel Paredes

with Nastassja Kinski, Malcolm McDowell
John Heard, Annette O'Toole, Ruby Dee

producer Charles Fries
production Universal

Irena Gallier is a young woman whom was raised by adoptive parents and is, for the first time since childhood, meeting her older brother Paul living in New Orleans. Paul meets Irene when she arrives at the airport and drives her home to his apartment. Paul lives by himself with only his housekeeper Female to look after him. Irena and Paul are descended from a line of "cat people," people who turn into panthers after mating and who must then kill in order to take human form again. Irena knows nothing about this side of her ancestry. She is still a virgin, so she has no idea what sex will do to her. On the other hand, Paul has been living with this knowledge for years and has worked out a system whereby he uses hookers as his prey.


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