It’s Fine Anyway
Italy, 2016, 11’, color, DCP

Two women meet and start a relationship, presumibly just a one-night stand. In the morning they promise to see each other again. But their second date will take strange turns. For different reasons, they’ll wind up involved in an illegal fight, no holds barred.
"It’s Fine Anyway is a strange hybrid, part video clip, part narrative short film, and was conceived as the first chapter of a feature film. Each episode of the film will be entire unto itself, but all of them taken together will paint a portrait of the losers of this world, often forced to hide their own feelings as they get closer to hitting bottom." [Pivio]
"I’d wanted to make something more substantial than a mere music video for some time now - I was outgrowing that format - and I knew right away this was the right project. [] So we worked out a narrative made mostly of images and sensations, one that part of me would call dystopian, but another part of me would call just plain realistic. It’s a universe, a section of humanity, swiftly and consciously sliding towards the abyss, the end." [Marcello Saurino]

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    12/12/2016 h 22:30cinema Anteo - sala 400
    guests: the directors