Sarà per un’altra volta
Italy, 2016, 15’, color, DCP

In a cold prehistoric night, a woman leaves her camp. In the vaguely menacing woods, she discovers something that could change the course of mankind.
"The locations for this film, which we selected after a series of madcap adventures while scouting, are visually stunning: the practically virgin wilderness in Italy’s Marches region (the beechwoods of Canfaito, the grotto dei Baffoni near Genga, the Sasso Simone park and Simoncello). The plot itself is simple: the harsh and inhuman world of our earlierst ancestors takes shape before the viewers’ eyes, while it falls to a woman to make a discovery that will be decisive for our evolution. The very first magic worked by humanity, however, will go misunderstood. It has come before its time." [Adriano Giannini]

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    08/12/2016 h 21:30Teatro sociale di Como
    guest the director