Prigioniero della mia libertà
Italy, 2016, 83’, color, DCP

A young architect, Alejandro Torres, lives a normal life until the day he is falsely arrested. Traumatized by this tragic mistake and desperate to learn the truth, he decides to get revenge on whomever has shattered his existence.
"The film uses a wrongful arrest to examine the all-too-human anguish of its main character, architect Alejandro Torres. It’s a story that could happen to anyone, anywhere in the world, or one that anyone could be afraid could happen, at least, and therefore you identify with it. The film grew out of a careful study of such events that have aroused interest and controversy in our country and elsewhere. Justice is a crucial theme in every era and at every latitude." [Rosario Errico]

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    10/12/2016 h 15:30Teatro sociale di Como
    a talk with the director Rosario Errico and the guests Gerard Van Gent, Vincenzo Mastronardi, Rita Bernardini, David Monti, Salvatore Cosentino, Domenico Ciruzzi, Paola Spinetti