La larga noche de Francisco Sanctis - The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis
Argentina, 2016, 78’, color, DCP

Buenos Aires, 1977. The military dictatorship governs the country. Despite the terrorizing political climate, 40-something office clerk Francisco Sanctis maintains a calm life with his wife and two small children. His only worry is the suspense of when he will be promoted at work. Francisco’s routine is upset one afternoon when Elena, an old college friend who he has not seen in 20 years, calls unexpectedly. She urgently needs Francisco to sign an authorization to publish a revolutionary poem he wrote long ago for a school bulletin. When they meet discreetly in her car, Elena confesses that the poem was an excuse. She tells Francisco an address and two names of people who are scheduled to be picked up by the army. It’s up to Francisco to warn them. And so begins the long night of Francisco Sanctis. Should he try to save the lives of two people he doesn’t even know at the risk of his own?
"We found Humberto Constantini’s novel at a used book stand, and as soon as we read it, we both had the immediate feeling that we wanted to transform it into a film. Our decision to co-direct emerged from this simultaneous impulse rather than any premeditated decision. The novel addresses the dictatorship in a different way than what has been previously seen in movies. It’s from the point of view of a character considered to be outside the political conflict. We felt that Francisco Sanctis’ conflict could be updated and go beyond the dictatorship. The audience can also be challenged today, because this wound in our history is not fully healed." [Francisco Márquez and Andrea Testa]

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    13/12/2016 h 22:30cinema Anteo - sala 400

    14/12/2016 h 14:30IULM - Auditorium
    followed by Q&A with the producer