Il permesso. 48 ore fuori
Italy, 2016, 93’, color, DCP

Penned by Giancarlo De Cataldo, scriptwriter of Suburra, the film focuses on four characters brought together by the fact that they are all due to spend 48 hours on release before returning to Civitavecchia prison. Claudio Amendola, in his second directorial effort, is the puppeteer who pulls the strings and decides the moves of the three men and a woman of a different age and social background; how to use this short ‘window of freedom’ before it closes once again?

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    13/12/2016 h 14:30IULM - Auditorium
    followed by Q&A with director

    13/12/2016 h 20:00Sala cinema Anteo - sala 400
    followed by Q&A with director