XXV edition
8/13 December 2015


From X-Files to Spielberg, Noir plays its trump card

A master filmmaker and two iconic TV series that made television history will be topping off the program of the upcoming Courmayeur Noir in Festival.

"Our decision to inaugurate Noir’s "silver anniversary" edition with X-Files - the first, historic episode of the series created by Chris Carter and combine that with another legend from the 1990s, Twin Peaks by David Lynch, was certainly a lucky charm," say the festival’s two directors, Giorgio Gosetti and Marina Fabbri. "Indeed, thanks to a collaboration with Twentieth Century Fox International Television, we are proud to announce that Courmayeur will also be hosting the world premiere of the first episode of the new X-Files, created and directed by Chris Carter, back on board for the revival, and winner of a special Raymond Chandler Award from Courmayeur Noir back in 1996."

The closing event of Noir 2015 sees the work of another iconic auteur rounding out the lineup: Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies. It’s a spy story that’s a modern masterpiece, imbued with the same civic spirit and moral integrity that went into the making of his Lincoln: based on the true story of lawyer James Donovan, the film reenacts his involvement in the first prisoner exchange of the Cold War, the swap of the Russian Rudolf Abel and the American pilot Gary Powers, in Berlin in 1960. Following the film’s world premiere at the New York Film Festival, Courmayeur Noir in Festival is honored to be the very first European festival to present this spectacular spy story by an American film great.

But the festival still has more up its sleeve. Like the European premiere on December 11 of a one-off TV movie that wraps up America’s most popular and longest-running TV series in recent history. The entire team of the legendary CSI series, in fact, has been reunited for a heart-stopping adventure that concludes a saga that has spawned numerous variations and spin-offs, all hits; the prophetic title chosen for CSI’s final act is Immortality.
"We promised to keep everyone guessing up to the very last," Gosetti and Fabbri declared, "and we’re delighted that this edition of the festival, along with its superb cinematic and literary offerings, its look at graphic novels and its civic debate, will also be remembered for its pyrotechnic display of the best in television, past and present."
So save the date: December 8 at Courmayeur, as the celebrations begin. Of noir and beyond: we have more surprises in store!