by Nicola Barnaba
Italy, 2023, 90', color
02 December 18:30 - Cineteca Milano Arlecchino

Lisa is 25 years old and has dreamed of breaking into film since she was a child. For her, the role of “runner” is an important milestone: it’s her foot in the door, but also the starting point of a brilliant film career. She finally finds herself on a set and embarks on a relationship with Sonja, an actress in the film and a film star, What else could she possibly desire? What could possibly go wrong? But Sonja has a dark past that comes back to haunt her at the most unexpected time. Accused of Sonja’s murder, Lisa is forced to flee. Now she’s running for her life, out to find the evidence that will prove her innocence and lead to the conviction of the real murderer.

Nicola Barnaba
Marco Guerrini
Andrea Arnone
Alessandro Heffler

Daniele Grammaldo
Luca Proietti
production design
Claudio Cosentino
Monica Caminiti

Matilde Gioli
Francesco Montanari
Flora Contrafatto
Vincenzo Scuruchi
Saverio Malara
Ilenia Calabrese
Federico Tocci
Hana Vagnerova
Emilio Franchini
Cristiana Vaccaro
Luca Attadia
Marcello Arnone
Irene Antonucci
Antonio Di Turi
Walter Cordopatri
Tommaso Perri
Costantino Comito

Gabria e Roberto Cipullo
Mario Pezzi

Runner becomes a metaphor for life itself, and Lisa becomes the embodiment of people who are willing to work, and work hard, to achieve their life goals: people whose path to self-fulfillment is threatened by ruthless men’s thirst for power, as they trample anyone to make their sick dreams come true. From the opening shots in the woods to the finale inside the hotel, the story that unfolds is somewhere between an old-fashioned murder mystery and a modern action movie, giving rise suspenseful situations that will captivate the viewer.” (Nicola Barnaba)

Nicola Barnaba is a director and screenwriter who got his start in film as an editor on numerous shorts, TV series and films, among them Lovest and La Bomba by Giulio Base. He wrote and directed short films such as La nonna (1995), Cento anni (1996), Lo straniero (1996), The Building (1999), La carta di Identità (1999), Zero plus… zero minus (1999), La mafia alternativa (2011), and Tears in Heaven (2017). His made his debut feature, Una cella in due, in 2011, and went on to direct Safrom (2015) and Ciao Brother (2016).

2023 Runner
2017 Tears in Heaven (short)
2016 Ciao Brother
2015 Train Station
2015 Safrom

2011 La mafia alternativa (short)
2011 Una cella per due
2003 I soliti idioti (short)
2003 Insoliti sospetti (short)
1999 Zero più… zero meno (short)

1999 La carta d’identità (short)
1999 The Building (short)
1996 Lo straniero (short)
1996 Cento anni (short)
1995 La nonna (short)