by Giuseppe Boccassini
Germany, France, Italy, 2022, 84', color, b/w

Ragtag is a chronological timeline collage based on a wide corpus of footage taken from the so-called classic era of American cinema which, après la lettre, French critics of the 1950s labeled film noir. The decoupage-based work covers roughly twenty years, or 310 noir films, spanning from the early 1940s to the late 1950s. It also includes some foreign-made film noirs.

Giuseppe Boccassini
Giuseppe Boccassini

Giuseppe Boccassini
Giuseppe Boccassini

Giuseppe Boccassini is an Italian filmmaker mainly working in Germany and Italy. He studied film theory at the University of Bologna and film directing at the New University of Cinema and Television located in Cinecittà, Rome. His work has been shown at several international film festivals and exhibitions, including FID Marseille, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Torino Film Festival, IndieLisboa, Crossroads SF, Avvistamenti, Punto de Vista, Museo Storico del Trentino, ZKM, Microscope Gallery e Pesaro Film Festival. He is in charge of programming at the showcase Fracto Experimental Film Encounter, held yearly at Kunsthaus ACUD, in the heart of Berlin.

2022 Ragtag
2020 As in a Land, a Vagary (short)
2019 La notte salva (short)

2018 Temple of Truth (short)
2017 Debris (short)
2016 Orbit (short)

2014 The Tin Hat (short)
2013 Lezuo (short)