04 December 16:00 - IULM 6, Sala dei 146
Presented by John Vignola

X spends his days smoking weed and selling rare sneakers online, until he becomes a private detective paid to crack a case. Twenty years ago, he was a famous rapper, even before hip hop climbed the charts, and with his only album he clinched the status of a cult artist, respected by the rising generation and still listened to. X himself was on the cover of that famous album, wearing a hoodie, an ‘X’ tattooed on his neck. Too bad that tattoo now appears on the neck of Aelle, the kid who was killed and is all over the news. The spitting image of X, twenty years ago.

Giovanni Robertini was born in Milan in 1975. He was the editor of linus and Rolling Stone, for which he wrote pieces on rap music and interviewed all the headliners on the Italian scene. He also writes for television, working on programs such as Avere Ventanni, Le Invasioni Barbariche and Splendida Cornice. His previous novels are L’ultimo party (2013) and La solitudine di Matteo (2020). Morte di un trapper is his first work of noir fiction.