by Ali Ahmadzadeh
Iran, Germany, 2023, 99', color
04 December 18:30 - Cineteca Milano Arlecchino

Amir leads a lonely life. With his dog for sole company, he drives through the underworld of Tehran, dealing drugs of all kinds and healing troubled souls like a modern prophet. He navigates the city streets aimlessly, following the directions of his GPS while getting high to escape a town with no future. And yet, in his wandering he will find the seed of resistance.

Ali Ahmadzadeh
Abbas Rahimi
Ali Ahmadzadeh
Ashkan Mehri
Milad Movahedi

Amir Pousti
Shirin Abedinirad
Alireza Keymanesh
Maryam Sadeghiyan
Saghar Saharkhiz
Mina Hasanlou
Saba Bagheri
Alireza Rastjou
Maman Pari
Mr. Fred

Sina Ataeian Dena
Ali Ahmadzadeh
Counterintuitive Film

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“My films are mostly about the new generation and their life here in Iran, a life that is by its nature in constant conflict with the political power and the system. The regime doesn’t want our real pictures to be shown and seen because they want to present the image of a traditional religious islamic state to the outside world. In my new film Critical Zone, I depict everything in the most naked and radical way. I wanted to show that the city is like a big mental institution so sometimes we had to hide the camera. This suspense during production gave the cast and crew a strong feeling of being rebel fighters and I got the most out of the adrenaline in our blood.” (Ali Ahmadzadeh)

Ali Ahmadzadeh is a writer, director and producer of three successful feature films that convey a fatal portrait of an oppressed Iranian young generation. He was born in Tehran in 1986. Despite being qualified in architecture, his interest in music led him to graduate from the Neinava Music University. Later he graduated film directing from the Young Cinema Society. His films are banned by the Iranian authorities.

2023 Mantagheye Bohrani (Critical Zone)
2015 Madar-e Ghalb Atomi (Atomic Heart)
2013 Mehmouniye Kami (Kami’s Party)