02 December 18:30 - Casa Manzoni
Presentation of the Giorgio Scerbanenco Award finalists and Readers' Choice Award 2023
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Awards Ceremony

Victor Allen, an elderly British lord, sets his sights on an estate in the old village of Castelforte. He wants to found a writers’ residency that will attract authors from around the world to work on a literary project. Castelforte dazzles at the inauguration and promises to be the perfect retreat for its future occupants. Chicca Lopez is recharging her batteries after her last case by sailing the wintery waters off the coast with Glenda, the barista she has fallen for. But their vacation is cut short: a woman writer at the residency is found with a crushed skull. And that’s just the beginning.

Gabriella Genisi has written numerous novels and invented the popular character Lolita Lobosco, who features in ten of them, which have now become a TV series directed by Luca Miniero and starring Luisa Ranieri. Another of Genesi’s characters is the carabiniera from Salento, Chicca Lopez, who appeared in 2019, in Pizzica amara, and again in 2021, in La regola di Santa Croce. L’angelo di Castelforte is the third installment in the series.