by Amit Ulman
Israel, 2023, 80', color
03 December 21:15 - Cineteca Milano Arlecchino

One stormy night Sarah Bennet arrives at Detective Joe’s office. She asks him to find her missing sister. Drunk, Joe waves her off but something about Sarah touches him and he agrees to investigate the case, despite his misgivings. Jack, Joe’s partner, feels that something is fishy about the case and about Sarah and tries to dissuade Joe from getting involved. Joe realizes that the biggest criminal of the city that no one wants to mess with is involved, and what’s more, Sarah disappears. Now Joe must solve the entangled case. All dialogues are rhymed and sung on the beat.

Amit Ulman
Omer Havron
Omer Mor
Misha Pletinsky
Eyal Sibi

Omer Mor
Amit Ulman
Omer Havron
production design
Nitzan Zifrut

Amit Ulman
Moria Akons
Omer Havron (Jimbo J)
Alon Neuman
Idan Alterman
Omer Mor (Isaac DaBom)
Yirmi (Jeremiah) Umani

Haggai Arad
Aharon Peer
Elad Peleg
Arik Eshet
Maya Eshet
Nadav Tamir

Daroma Productions
Incubator Theater

“In The City, I aimed to create a world where the power of language is emphasized. Thus, the strength of the characters in the city is primarily measured by their poetic abilities. A rap battle between two characters becomes a verbal duel where the winner is determined not by who is more correct, but by who possesses more linguistic prowess and virtuosity. All the city’s inhabitants fear a notorious criminal named ‘Menashe’, even though no one has seen him. His intimidating reputation is based solely on countless frightening stories about him.” (Amit Ulman)

Amit Ulman – director, screenwriter, actor – graduate of Nissan Netiv Acting Studio, creator/participant in the cult theater play The City. Founder of the Israeli Poetry Slam. The City is his debut film.

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