by Lyda Patitucci
Italy, 2023, 100', color
02 December 17:30 - IULM 6, Sala dei 146

Vera is an undercover police officer. She’s a tough character, almost impossible to get close to, inured to the risks of her profession and burdened with a painful personal history. When she’s ordered to infiltrate an international crime syndicate, she soon discovers one of them is her younger brother Bruno, whom she has wanted to have nothing to do with for quite some time. Fresh out of jail and flat broke, Bruno plans to take part in a heist in order to patch things up with his daughter, Marta. After years and years apart, Vera and Bruno now find themselves face to face, on different sides of the law, yet forced to keep the secret between them. Old wounds are reopened, and the two will have decisions to make that will get in the way of the aims each wants to achieve.

Filippo Gravino
Giuseppe Maio
Giuseppe Trepiccione

Ginevra Nervi
production design
Sonia Peng
Sara Fanelli

Isabella Ragonese
Andrea Arcangeli
Carolina Michelangeli
Aleksandar Gavranić
Gennaro Di Colandrea
Clara Ponsot
Alan Katić
Miloš Timotijević
Gabriele Portoghese
Imma Villa
Tommaso Ragno

Matteo Rovere
with Rai Cinema
world sales
True Colours – Glorious Films

“These characters find themselves in a situation in which the framework is criminal and conflicts become physical and also internalized, which I like because it allows me to maintain the dynamics and the action in a broader sense, essential to filmmaking and storytelling. I simply can’t imagine telling a story that doesn’t have an action dynamic – it’s crucial and it stimulates me. True, I was able to specialize in that aspect, but for the stories I put on the screen, action is always interconnected with the characters.” (Lyda Patitucci, interviewed by Benedetta Bragadini, Rolling Stone)

Editor and filmmaker Lyda Patitucci studied film directing at ESCAC Film School in Barcelona. Before making her feature-directorial debut with Like Sheep Among Wolves, she learned the ropes by working on sets in different capacities. For example, she was an assistant director and second unit director on films such as Italian Race, the sequels to I Can Quit Whenever I Want, and The First King, directing mainly the action scenes. She also directed several episodes of the Netflix supernatural drama Curon.

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