by Jung Woo-sung
Republic of Korea, 2022, 97', color
03 December 18:30 - Cineteca Milano Arlecchino

After serving 10-year prison sentence, Su-hyuk learns that he has a daughter and decides to leave the syndicate he called home to live a normal life. Boss Eung-kook, who had been waiting for Su-hyuk’s release, feels betrayed and orders his second-in-command, Kang, to keep an eye on him. Filled with a sense of inferiority towards Su-hyuk, Kang approaches the duo of assassins known as Woo-jin and Jin-ah, nicknamed “The Washer,” to eliminate Su-hyuk. These merciless assassins handle their targets in their own brutal ways, and they get closer to killing Su-hyuk. A normal life becomes the most dangerous dream.

Jung Hae-sin
Jung Woo-sung
Go Rak-sun
Kim Man-geun

Kim Tae-sung
production design
Lee Nae-kyung
Cho Sang-kyung

Jung Woo-sung
Kim Nam-gil
Park Sung-woong
Kim Jun-han
Park You-na

Song Dae-chan
Studio Take

“The story of A Man of Reason is simple, just like its title. It revolves around Su-hyuk, who wants to live an ordinary life, bidding farewell to a dangerous past, alongside the people he truly wants to protect, and the choices made by those around him. Amid conflicting desires, I aimed to create a film that symbolizes what each person wants to protect. Though the story is straightforward, I hoped to draw out fresh and dynamic performances from the actors portraying the characters during their journeys, leading to delightful discoveries for the audience. While the genre’s outer shell is “action,” I hope you can enjoy the tension and laughter brought by the guilt of the protagonist Su-hyuk, his regrets about irreversible time, and the conflicts and clashes between unique and charismatic characters.” (Jung Woo-sung)

A Man of Reason marks director Jung Woo-sung‘s debut feature film. As an actor who is always the top choice for casting and a busy performer, he has never let go of his passion for being a “filmmaker,” evident in his directorial work for music videos and short films. It is only natural that the experienced actor Jung Woo-sung’s overall understanding of the set and the perspective of viewing the entire production would influence director Jung Woo-sung.

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