06 December 17:30 - Rizzoli Galleria
Presented by Luca Crovi

They are loved by some, loathed by many, and feared by all. The Wadia family controls transportation, mines, and sugar refineries, but it’s the building boom that has made them an empire. Now, however, protests over evictions are spreading, and the Delhi Post is on the case to expose the scandal. Thanks to her tenacity and charisma, Neda has managed to infiltrate the inner circle of Sunny Wadia, the heir apparent, poised to take charge of the family affairs. But having a weakness for a journalist like Neda could cost Sunny dearly. Staving off ruin falls to an unlikely figure: Ajay, a young man from a desperately poor family – chauffeur, errand boy, bodyguard, and, when necessary, scapegoat.

Deepti Kapoor was born in Moradabad, a city in northern India. After attending the Welham Girl’s School in Dehradun and Dehli University, she became a journalist in Delhi. In 2015, she made her literary debut with the novel A Bad Character, but it was her 2023 novel Age of Vice, first installment of a trilogy sold in 35 countries, that became a runaway global sensation. Screen rights have been purchased by FX Studio, soon to produce the TV adaptation of the Wadia crime saga.