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Alle radici del male
by Roberto Costantini
The second novel of the Trilogia del male again centers on Mike Balistreri, whose difficult character is a result of injustices endured during his turbulent childhood in post-colonial, pre-Gaddafi Libya. The story is set in 1982, in Rome, ...
Alting har sin pris
by Søren and Lotte Hammer
When the body of a young nurse who disappeared 25 years ago is found in Grande Pack, Greenland, kneeling and semi-nude, her ankles and wrists bound, Commissioner Konrad Simonsen and the Homicide Unit of Copenhagen are on the case. A man of staunch ...
American Desperado
by Evan Wright
American Desperado is the story of Jon Riccobono (whose “nom de plume” Jon Pernell Roberts was lifted from the TV show Bonanza,), who was born in New York in 1948 to Sicilian parents, and died of cancer in 2011. ...
Boschi & bossoli
by Michael Gregorio
Caribou Island
by David Vann
Already translated in 18 languages, a Flaherty-Dunan First Novel Prize finalist, and soon to become a motion picture directed by Bill Guttentag, Caribou Island is the story of a marriage, and of a couple that must come to terms with the ...
Raymond Chandler
Award 2012
goes to Don Winslow
He was born on Halloween, he lives in San Diego, he loves Africa , which he criss-crossed also as a safari guide, and America, of which he has ...
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