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  Henning Mankell Raymond Chandler Award 2013  
The Raymond Chandler Award, the highest recognition in the literary career of a great master of the genre, since more than twenty years has been delivered by the Courmayeur Noir in Festival to big names like John le Carré, John Grisham, Michael Connelly, Don Winslow, will go this year to one of the most interesting protagonists of Scandinavian literature, the worldwide best selling author  HENNING MANKELL.
The Swedish writer, whose novels have been translated into more than 40 languages and have sold 40 million copies around the world, is surprisling back to Italian bookstores on next October 9th with his most famous hero, the Inspector Kurt Wallander, whose last investigation have been just published at the begininng of this year as a definitive farewell to his police career (The Troubled Man). Hailed by 'The Times Literary Supplement' as one of the most successful characters of contemporary crime novel, the hamletic Inspector Wallander has been in recent years embodied by the famous British actor and director Kenneth Branagh in the homonymous hit television series, produced by the BBC and aired for two seasons in Italy. In Courmayeur the writer, who will receive the prize on December 13th, will be also welcome by film and television tributes to his work.
The historic Chandler Award goes this year to Henning Mankell not only for his brilliant reinvention of the detective novel in a contemporary language, declined as a ruthless mechanism of unveiling evil by the use of a brilliant social interpretation of history, pointing as well to a troubled portrait  of a xenophobic and racist Europe that forgets its past at the cost of its own future. For once, the award goes also to the whole human existence of a writer who has been personally involved in terms of the cultural and material redemption of the African continent, which is today in the spotlight more than ever, both economically and politically.