Presentation of the new issue of the magazine Cinecittà directed by Gianni Canova

With Gianni Canova, Giorgio Gosetti, Guido Cornara and Federico Brugia

Cinema and advertising: a combination kept largely under wraps in the past is now a seal of quality for promoting a product. From the famous Italian Carosello ads made under the radar by major directors like the Taviani Bros. or Gillo Pontecorvo, to today’s “short films” with the value added of hot filmmakers like Ferzan Ozpetek or Giuseppe Tornatore, the auteur commercials are piling up and anecdotes abound. Issue #59 of Cinecittà takes a closer look at the stories, the players and the styles behind this “parallel history” of film. In a nod to Noir, the talk also zooms in on that particular subset of audiovisual advertising that draws on characters and icons from mystery and crime genres, such as Ernesto Calindri’s Inspector Rock, endorsing Linetti hair gel; Daniel Craig’s 007, with his power watches; Lieutenant Sheridan, sipping his Biancosarti bitter; and Rabarbaro Zucca’s Diabolik bottle. Gianni Canova moderates the event on Tuesday, December 14th, at 3 pm.