by Antonio Capuano
Italy, 2010, 109′

At the end of a Sunday of sun, sea and frolicking, four boys rape Irene, also an adolescent. The following morning, one of them, Ciro, turns himself and the others in. They are sentenced to two years in prison. These two contrasting worlds will be drawn to one another and even, perhaps, meet and come together.

“I chose Irene pretty quickly. Not Ciro. I spent many nights thinking, rethinking and watching the last auditions over and over again. I decided three days before shooting began. They met only once on set. And ignored one another.”

Antonio Capuano
Tommaso Borgstrom
Giogiò Franchini

Pasquale Catalano
Emanuele Cecere
production design
Maica Rotondo
Francesca Balzano

Irene De Angelis
Gabriele Agrio
Luisa Ranieri
(Irene’s mother)
Corso Salani
(Irene’s father)
Valeria Golino
(prison psychologist)
Anna Ammirati
(Irene’s analyst)
Fabrizio Gifuni

Gianni Minervini
L.G.M. Ellegiemme
con Rai Cinema

Antonio Capuano is a set designer, painter, screenwriter, director, playwright and teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, his native city. After working as a set designer at the RAI television studios in Naples, he turned to filmmaking; his first film, Vito and The Others, won the Best Film award at the International Critics’ Week in Venice in 1991. In 1996, his film Sacred Silence vied for the Golden Lion at Venice. Two years later, Capuano directed Polvere di Napoli, co-written with Paolo Sorrentino, which premiered at the Festival of Locarno. In 2001, he was back at Venice when his film Red Moon made the competitive lineup. And he returned to Locarno, as well, in 2005, with Mario’s War, which went on to the Toronto Film Festival. His 2010 film Dark Love premiered at Giornate degli Autori. His most recent films are Bagnoli Jungle (2015) and Achille Tarallo (2018). His new film Il buco in testa premiered at the Torino Film Festival and will be released in 2021.

2020 Il buco in testa
2018 Achille Tarallo
2015 Bagnoli Jungle
2010 L’amore buio
2008 Giallo?


2007 Luce del cielo (short)
2007 Bianco e nero alla ferrovia (doc)
2005 La guerra di Mario
2001 Luna rossa
1998 Polvere di Napoli

1997 I Vesuviani (segment: Sofialorén)
1996 Pianese Nunzio, 14 anni a maggio
1995 L’unico Paese al Mondo
(segment: Pallottole su Materdei)
1991 Vito e gli altri