Pasquale Ruju

Franco Zanna, a hapless paparazzo who is always broke, and always in trouble, tries to patch things up with Carla, the mother of his daughter, Valentina. While he drives her to Olbia airport, though, he catches a glimpse of a face he’d rather not see: it belongs to Alfio Di Girolamo, the ‘Catanese’, a killer for the mob who forces Zanna to leave the love of his life and his job as a reporter and even give up his real name, turning his life into a living hell. Just at the same time, during an exclusive concert on the Costa Smeralda, a lucrative heist in the suite of a famous singer triggers a series of brutal murders. Is the Catanese behind those crimes? Zanna intends to find out. While alive, if possible. Only one man can come to our hero’s aid: the last Sardinian bandit there is: his elderly, terrifying uncle Gonario.

Pasquale Ruju (Nuoro, 1962) earned an architecture degree before going into theater, film, radio, TV, and dubbing, lending his voice to animated cartoon, soap opera, and TV movie characters. Since 1994 he has written stories and scripts for Sergio Bonelli Editore. Ruju has penned over a hundred stories for Tex, Dylan Dog, Nathan Never, Dampyr, and Martin Mystère, and also wrote the mini-series Demian, Cassidy, and Hellnoir. Prior to Il codice della vendetta, Edizioni e/o published his books Un caso come gli altri, Nero di mare, and Stagione di cenere.