photo by Davide Pippo

The Manetti bros. and the cast of Diabolik in Milan.

The 31st edition of Noir in Festival ends on a truly Diabolikal note on Wednesday, December 15th, with a treat for Noirgoers: two not-to-be-missed events devoted to the iconic King of Terror.

At 3 pm, Marco and Antonio Manetti, the directing duo behind the new, wildly anticipated film about the King of Terror, will take the stage of the Auditorium at IULM 6, for a talk about the iconic comic book character created by the Giussani sisters, during which they’ll compare notes with Chiara Tagliaferri, creator of the podcast Les diaboliques. This event will be preceded by the announcement of the winners of the Caligari Prize and the 2021 Black Panther Award, who will be feted over the course of the evening.

The premiere of the film by the Manetti Bros, which comes to theaters on December 16th, is the closing event of Noir 2021. For the Wednesday evening event, the Manetti Bros. will join the cast of Diabolik to present the film and greet fest audiences.

Another luminary on the Wednesday program has often worked with the Manetti Bros.: author Carlo Lucarelli, presenting his latest novel, Léon, published by Einaudi (at 6 pm, Rizzoli Galleria Bookshop).

Lastly, Gabriele Acerbo and Roberto Pisoni will introduce their book Kill baby kill! Il cinema di Mario Bava (Bietti), at a talk moderated by Piera Detassis (at 11:30 am, IULM – Sala dei 146).