by Lawrence Gough
UK, 2020, 90′, color

A long way from home and trapped in an abusive relationship, a French woman, Nicole becomes an accessory to a horrific crime and is then forced to keep it a secret by her brutal and controlling husband Steve. However, the stakes are raised when she makes a life changing discovery that leaves her with no choice but to continue the deceit.

Lawrence Gough
Alan Pattison
Terry Hughes

taken from the novel
Life is a Gatecrash
by Terry Hughes

Mark Nutkins

Lawrence Gough
Stephen Haren

Nick Hill

Udit Duseja

production design
Trisha Birch

Terry Herfield

Olivia Bonamy – Nicole
Ben Cura – Steve
Samuel West – Poliziotto
Anton Lesser – Sid

Kirsty Bell
Alan Latham
Lawrence Gough

BirdBox Entertainment

world sales
Moonrise Pictures

Lawrence Gough is a British film and TV director and writer. He was born in England in 1970, spending much of his childhood travelling America with his family. He started his career as a filmmaker; winning the best newcomer award at the Edinburgh film festival in 2009 with Salvage. He is also known for his Prime Time TV work which includes Misfits, The Aliens, Snatch, Doctor Who and more recently Vera.


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