Handia wins the 2017 Black Panther Award


The film by Jon Garaņo and Aitor Arregi wins Noir in Festival’s prize for best film. A special mention goes to Lynne Ramsay for You Were Never Really Here. Fares Fares gets kudos from the jury for his role in The Nile Hilton Incident.

Visions of noir


From guests of honor Abel Ferrara and Dario Argento to directors on the Noir lineup Aitor Arregi and Tarik Saleh, filmmakers on hand for this year’s Noir in Festival showed off their films and discussed their love of storytelling.

Conversations in Noir


In six days, Noir in Festival hosted over fifteen authors of novels in varying shades of noir. First in Milan and then in Como, the novelists met with their readers and discussed their own relationships with crime, fear, and the noir genre.

Cinderella the Cat is the winning film noir for 2017


The animated and revisited fairy tale by Alessandro Rak, Ivan Cappiello, Marino Guarnieri and Dario Sansone has won Noir’s first ever Caligari Award.

Raymond Chandler Award Speech


by Margaret Atwood

A glourious basterd


Enzo G. Castellari met with IULM students before receiving the Luca Svizzeretto Award, and took them on a trip down the marvelous memory lane of Italian genre cinema.

Gloria Grahame Noir Icon on and Off the Sliver Screen


This is an edited text version of the Illustrated talk Adrian Wootton presented at the Noir in Festival 2017.