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New Frontiers in Reading
There’s a great revolution underway, the scope of which is still impossible to estimate. It is the electronic book (or e-book) and the subject of the discussion between Anna MaseraGino ...
Carlos: A Righter of Wrongs, in a Revolutionary Key. Interview with Daniel Leconte
Journalist, documentary filmmaker, producer (and founder the production companies Doc en stock and Film en stock) and host of the monthly ARTE program Thema - De quoi j'me męle, Daniel Leconte directed the 2008 Cannes title ...
Carancho wins The Black Lion 2010
The international film jury – comprising French writer Tito Topin (president),  Italian actors Guido Caprino, Carlotta Natoli and Silvio Orlando, and director of the Sitges Fantasy ...
American History and Emotional Impact
“I’m interested in American history between 1926 al 2006, a period that I transform into a kind of set in which I move my characters around. Each state has its own language, its own atmosphere, even its own religion that influences how the ...
2010 Raymond Chandler Award to Michael Connelly
His Los Angeles is an inextricable labyrinth of misery and nobility, a house of mirrors inhabited by lonely souls who, for having too long stared at the bottom of the abyss, risk remaining prisoners of a “garden of delights” full of dark elements ...