by Mariano Cohn
Argentina, Spain, 2019, 88’, color, DCP

Mariano Cohn
Gastón Duprat
Kiko de la Rica
David Gallart
Elena Ruiz
Dante Spinetta
Fabio Pecoro
production design
Cristina Nigro
Ruth Fischerman

Peter Lanzani [Ciro]
Dady Brieva [Enrique Ferrari]
Luis Brandoni [Amadeo]

Gastón Duprat
Jaume Roures
Televisión Abierta
with the support of

world sales
Latido Films

A luxury 4x4, one of the latest to hit the market, is parked on the street in a typical Buenos Aires neighborhood. When a criminal breaks into the car to steal whatever he finds inside, the doors lock and the window roll up as soon as he tries to get out, and the vehicle turns into an armored bunker completely sealed off from the outside world. Escape is impossible. Someone outside is monitoring the 4x4, with a definite plan in mind.

"Making 4x4 was risky, yet also a turning point in my filmography. I wanted to venture into an area that had always intrigued me, but one that I had never explored. The challenge was putting together a thriller with all the genre’s key features - a character placed in an extreme physical and psychological situation - without giving up on auteur performances, the hallmark of my previous films. […] Working with Peter Lanzani in the role of Ciro bore out what I suspected: I was in the presence of the most virtuoso actor of his generation. His performance in 4x4 is astonishing, a magnificent challenge on which the entire film hinges." [Mariano Cohn]

Mariano Cohn (Villa Ballester,1975) met Gastón Duprat in 1993, at a video art festival where Cohn was presenting his video Un día más en la tierra, while Duprat was on the jury. It was just the beginning of an artistic partnership and a production team that is still going strong today. Together the duo has created and produced original formats for TV, video art, documentaries, experimental works and films screened at numerous international festivals. In 1999, they created a sort of YouTube before its time, Television Abierta: a television channel that broadcast viewers’ amateur videos. El artista (2008), a satirical look at the contemporary art scene screened at the Rome Film Fest, was their first narrative feature. The Distinguished Citizen (2016), selected for the Venice Film Festival competitive lineup and shown at various other festivals, was a critical and audience hit and won a number of awards, including a Goya for Best Iberoamerican Film.

Mariano Cohn
2019 4x4 

with Gastón Duprat
2016 Todo sobre el asado [doc]
2016 El Ciudadano Ilustre
2014 Kill Bear [short] 
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2011 Querida voy a comprar cigarrillos y vuelvo
2009 El hombre de al lado 
2008 El artista
2006 TV service [doc] 
2003 Yo presidente [doc]

with Gastón Duprat e Adrián De Rosa
1998 Enciclopedia [doc]

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