XXIV edition
9/14 December 2014


Deaver at Courmayeur: my next novel will be set in Italy

Last night at Courmayeur Noir in Festival Dario Argento presented Jeffery Deaver with the Raymond Chandler Award, declaring, "This award is bestowed on Jeffery Deaver, the most popular thriller writer in the world today; a marvelous inventor of perfect mechanisms, and a writer who, on every page, is our guide into the labyrinth of our nightmares, illuminating our journey with the glow of his characters’ intelligence. Deaver merits the award for having learned Chandler’s art and made it his own; for exploring mankind’s dual nature in his novels, torn as man eternally is between good and evil; and for his impeccable plots, which demand of a reader his or her intelligence, enthusiasm and ability to be surprised."

During the awards ceremony, the author serenaded the festival audience with the song, "Your Shadow" written by Deaver himself, accompanied by Seba Pezzani on the guitar.

Deaver also made a surprise announcement, revealing that the new novel he is currently writing will be set in Italy and will be published by Rizzoli in 2016. "There are at least 60 million possibile characters in Italy, and I simply can’t fit all of them into my story, " Deaver declared, "but I assure you I will do my best."

The video contains the performance by Deaver and Seba Pezzani.