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10/15 December 2013

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Nuit Americhèn
Italy 2013, 22', Blue-Ray, color

Federico Greco
Igor Maltagliati
Michele De Angelis
Alessandro Giordani
Angelo Talocci
Giuseppe Silvi
art direction
Roberto Papi
Costanza Bastanti
Regina Orioli (Diana/Betty)
Gian Marco Tognazzi (Paolo)
Fausto Sciarappa (Fausto)
Francesco Scimemi
Alberto Di Stasio (Romano)

Marco Varriale
Lulù Cancrini
Digital Room
Piazza Istria 2, 00198, Roma, Italia
Tel./Fax +39 06 86580324
with the support of
MiBACT - Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo

A director and two actors pretending to be a sound technician and camera operator get hired to make a mediocre promotional video in a beautiful villa on the outskirts of Rome. Unbeknownst to the villa’s owner who hired them, they take advantage of the situation to shoot the key scene of their no-budget, English-language horror film. To get the most truthful performances from his actors, Paolo places them in very realistic situations, passing off his ineptitude as a directing style. But something may not be quite right in the villa after all. Thus begins a delirium of truth and fiction, recrimination and ruthless violence, whose main victim is the actress Diana, who’s been working with Paolo for years.

"Nuit Americhèn is for all intents and purposes a small, cruel, sardonic and spectacular comedy. It’s a way to laugh at the struggles we Italian horror directors face against everything and everyone, and end up inevitably independent and angry - and at times also extraordinarily talentless and presumptuous. At the same time it’s a relentless and bloody mechanism whose story unfolds as in a tunnel of horrors at an amusement park. To sum it up: it’s a chilling and ironic splatter movie. Day for Night doused in good old Roman tomato sauce." [Federico Greco]

Director-writer-editor-DoP Federico Greco has written and directed feature films, shorts, documentaries and TV shows (Sky, RAI). From 1997 to 1999, for RAISAT Cinema and in collaboration, he wrote, directed and produced Stanley and Us, a documentary on Stanley Kubrick that was distributed throughout the world. He made his narrative feature debut in 2005 with Road To L., co-written and co-directed with Roberto Leggio. After screening at numerous top international festivals, the film won the 2005 Fantafestival, picking up the European Silver Méliès Award, which was presented in Helsinki at Espoo Ciné. He teaches screenwriting at the Cineteatro in Rome at the Perugia Academy of Fine Arts.

2013 Nuit Americhèn
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