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10/15 December 2013

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Italy, 2013, 86', DCP, color

Riccardo Paoletti
Carlo Longo
Cesare Danese
Francesco Galli
Riccardo Amorese
art direction
Andrea Faini
Lea Bevilacqua
Daisy Keeping (Jenny)
David Brandon (Mr Brooks)
Joy Tanner (Olga)
Eva Mc Callumm (Malila)
Martin Kashirokov (Peter)
Anna Dalton (Maya)
Lisa Ruth Andreozzi (Aurora)
James Alexander Moule (Bill)
Liam Pascal Rigal (Anthony)
Uberto Kovacevich (Sabelli)

Manuela Cacciamani
Onemore Pictures
Rai Cinema

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Sixteen-year-old Jenny lives in New York. Born in Italy, she moved to the US at the age of two, to live with her grandmother after her mother died. Now, for the first time, she's returning to Italy, to Tuscany, to visit her father, James Crooks, a former surgeon and scholar of Etruscan archeology. She wants to visit all the places he's told her about, especially the Lake of the Idols, a remarkable archaeological site at the bottom of which numerous bronze Etruscan statuettes dating back over 3,000 years have been found. Neglected by her father, Jenny befriends a group of children from a foster home. One evening, the children decide to go her to the lake where, in a magical atmosphere, Jenny sees the souls of three Etruscan children appear. They ask her to recover three small bronze stolen from the lake long ago. Jenny realizes that her father keeps the statuettes locked up in his study. She breaks into his study and recovers the statues, only to discover a terrible secret.

"Sometimes monsters, ghosts and evil are nothing compared to what the human mind can conceive in everyday life. This film is not just for lovers of the genre, its versatility makes it suitable for a wider range of audiences. [...] I wanted to show a darker side of Tuscany. Classic postcard images are replaced here by a more intimate and mysterious atmosphere. [...] This film was originally conceived as a web movie. Internet is now the final frontier. It is a world full of potential and opportunities if you know how to seize them, which is an incentive for me, as well as a great exercise in creativity and organizational skills. It offers a real opportunity for the new generation of Italian independent cinema, which wants to create and be gain acclaim for genres beyond the classic comedy." [Riccardo Paoletti]

Born in Arezzo, Riccardo Paoletti worked for several years as an assistant director before be began directing music videos for renowned Italian musicians, including Elio e le Storie Tese, Zucchero, Franco Battiato and Ligabue. He then started directing Italian and foreign commercials and TV promos, winning several awards. In 2006 he made his first documentary, Queued Securities, presented at the Rome Film Festival and at the Festival dei Popoli, and subsequently shot a short film titled 11B, starring Michela Cescon. While continuing to make commercials, he also started directing TV programs, such as Non solo moda and X-Style, and writing product for Sky and Mediaset. Neverlake is his first feature film.

2013 Neverlake
2009 11B (cm)
2006 In coda ai titoli (doc)



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