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10/15 December 2013

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The Troubled Man
Sweden, 2012, 99', DCP, color

Agneta Fagerström Olsson
Lars Bill Lundholm
Peter Birro
based on the novel
The Troubled Man 
by Henning Mankell
Erik Molberg Hansen
Håkan Karlsson
Jonas Jansson
art direction
Elle Furudahl
Sanna Ekström Forssberg
Costume Krister Henriksson
Lehna Edwall
Krister Henriksson (Kurt Wallander)
Len Cariou (Steven Atkins)
Charlotta Jonsson (Linda Wallander)
Leonard Terfelt (Hans von Enke)
Signe Dahlkvist (Klara Wallander)
Marika Lindström (Louise von Enke)
Sten Ljunggren (Håkan von Enke)
Peter Andersson (Sten Nordlander)
Ingvar Hirdwall (Lundberg)
Lo Kauppi (Ytterberg)
Douglas Johansson (Martinsson)
Mats Bergman (Nyberg)
Fredrik Gunnarson (Svartman)
Marianne Mörck (Ebba)
Sven Ahlström (capo della polizia Mattson)
Sten Elfström (Erik Engelbrekt)

Malte Forssell
Jon Mankell
Yellow Bird
ARD Degeto
Film I Skåne
Ystad Österlen Filmfond

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1982: At the height of the Cold War, a Russian submarine invades Swedish territorial waters. Present day: A fisherman pulls the dead body of a diver out of the sea. This discovery resurfaces the Cold War submarine affair. The diver’s death appears tied to high political offices and classified materials. And more. The affair also involves Inspector Kurt Wallander’s daughter’s in-laws. The head of the family, Håkan von Enke, is a retired forefront officer from the Swedish Navy. As events and people from the past resurface, Håkan goes missing. Wallander starts his own unofficial investigation, which leads him to uncover a series of undercover and espionage operations of the Cold War, involving Håkan von Enke himself. Wallander is faced with the question: what is most important - the truth or family?

"The movie is in many ways different. It’s not the usual crime plot. Another challenging and exciting thing was that the plot took place in Stockholm and its archipelago, which new territory for Wallander. For me it was also important to show Wallander’s relationship with his family and relatives. With his granddaughter, Wallander finds the emotions that he never had with his own daughter, something that he regrets but accepts." [Agneta Fagerström Olsson]

Director-screenwriter-producer Agneta Fagerström Olssonstudied at the Stockholm Film School. Dividing her talents among television series, narrative films and documentaries, in 1986 she wrote and directed for Seppan for television, and co-directed the documentary Hårga with John O. Olsson. In 1988 she made her directorial debut with the feature film The Hero, followed by the documentary Här har inte ens Ernst Rolf Spelat (1989). In 1991 she directedSista vinden från kap horn (Ikaros TV award) and in 1992 made her second feature, Magic Stronger Than Life. In 1995 she made Hammarkullen for television (and won the Prix Italia, Ingmar Bergman Award and Prix Iris). She followed that up in 2000 with Knock Out (Nordic Film Award) and the following year won further awards (Prix Europa, Prix Iris) for the TV series The First Gypsy in Space (Den förste zigenaren i rymden). At the same time, she wrote and directed the TV series Kniven i hjärtat. In 2006 she directed her third feature, Black Island Sisters. In 2009 she made two Wallander films for television - Skytten (The Sniper) and Dödsängeln (Angel of Death) - and from 2011-2012, three TV films based on Liza Marklund’s series of novels about crime reporter Annika Bengtzon.

2006 Järnets änglar (Black Island Sisters)
2000 Knock Out
1992 Kärlekens himmelska helvete (Magic Stronger Than Life)
1990 Vi ses i Krakow (See you in Cracow, cm)
1989 Här har inte ens Ernst Rolf Spelat (doc)
1988 Hjälten (The Hero)
1986 Hårga (doc)



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