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10/15 December 2013

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The Counselor
UK, USA, 2013, 117’, DCP, color

Ridley Scott
Cormac McCarthy
Dariusz Wolski
Pietro Scalia
Daniel Pemberton
art direction
Arthur Max
Janty Yates
Michael Fassbender (Counselor)
Penélope Cruz (Laura)
Cameron Diaz (Malkina)
Javier Bardem (Reiner)
Brad Pitt (Westray)
Bruno Ganz (iDiamond dealer)
Rosie Perez (Ruth)
Dean Norris (Buyer)
Natalie Dormer (Blonde)
Goran Visnjic (Banker)
Rubén Blades (Jefe)

Ridley Scott
Nick Wechsler
Steve Schwartz
Paula Mae Schwartz
Chockstone Pictures
Nick Wechsler Productions
Scott Free Productions

The Counselor - his given name is never revealed - is a lawyer who gives in to the temptation to enter a murky and dangerous world to make some quick cash. He soon learns that a single bad decision can have shocking and irreversible consequences. Although he receives many warnings about the potential dangers of getting involved in this deal, The Counselor’s arrogance won’t let him stop.

Acclaimed writer Cormac McCarthy, who makes his screenwriting debut with this film, says of the Counselor: "He’s a decent man who gets up one morning and decides to do something wrong. And that’s all it takes. Some people can live hideous lives, do everything wrong, and die peacefully in their beds at age 102. The Counselor is not one of them."

"It reads like an exceptional short story or novella; it’s an emotional roller coaster ride. The script had situations and characters that were epic, and an inevitability that something awful was going to happen to them - and that there was nothing they could do to stop it. The characters are damaged goods; they’re attractive but they’ve all ducked and dived in their professions." [Ridley Scott]

A graduate of London’s prestigious Royal Academy of Art, Ridley Scott began his directing career at the BBC, working on some of the network’s popular television programmes, as well as commercials. After three years, he formed his own company, RSA, which soon became one of the most successful commercial production houses. In 1977, Scott made his directorial feature debut with The Duellists, for which he won the Best First Film Award at the Cannes Film Festival. His next two films were cinematic landmarks: Alien (1979) and Blade Runner (1982), which was added to the US Library of Congress’ National Film Registry in 1993. In 1995, he and his younger brother Tony Scott formed Scott Free Productions, which has produced a wide range of film and television projects. Their numerous small-screen projects include the hit series The Good Wife and The Pillars of the Earth, and the Golden-Globe winning HBO film RKO 281. He has been honored with three Academy Award nominations for Best Director (Thelma & Louise, The Gladiator, Black Hawk Down). Upcoming is the epic film Exodus, starring Christian Bale as Moses.

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